Is there a way to make One Way Out style Barriers?

Hi, trying to make the barriers in One Way Out that don’t open until you have enough keycards put into it. I haven’t been able to get it exactly and my alternative methods have been pretty awkward.

Specifically, is it possible to make something like the keycard function? I would really like to have the barrier open by having people pooling keycards into the same area.



you could get a barrier, then an invisible vending machine. You can fund the vending machine, and then when you finally purchase it from the vending machine, disable the barrier


Mysz is right. You can make vending machines go invisible. I think that is a good way to do it. And I cannot think of any other ways. :slight_smile:


ok thanks for both your help


invisible vending machine, barrier of your choice, then make vending machine fundable, then put a keycard scanner prop over it, then it looks like a 1 way out style barrier.


I made my vending machine invisible but it’s still there so, the player (s) can’t progress forward.

you can also resize your barrier and change the barrier color and do what mysz said

not the barriers, the vending machine blocks the players ever though it’s invisible.

no it doesn’t wdym bro

maybe try to reload your game to see if that helps

It shouldn’t block you as it doesn’t have a hitbox when it’s invisable

I already tried both

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you can resize the barrier and change color and you can put a vending machine next to the barrier
and use the wire and connect both

Thanks for the help everyone. What I ended up doing was what mysz, calboy, and commander suggested, which is to make the vending machine invisible, put a prop over it, and connect it to a barrier. For the vending machine i turned funding on, and connected a wire from that to the barrier, which disappears once enough money has been put in.
It’s very similar to if not exactly what’s in one way out.


Pseudo welcome to the community @mysz!

But how do you make them go invisable?

Deactivate them.

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Thank you so much!
I’m new to this so I’m still learning this website.
(I’m not new to the game gimkit tho)