Is there a way to make On and Off terrain?

I want it to be like animation but with terrain, and I don’t wnat to have to use teleporters to teleport players to different rooms because it will not look smooth. SO a little help here.

I don’t think you can alter terrain ingame.

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I dont think there is a way to Turn on and off terrain because it is not a prop or device. You will have to try teleporting to different rooms

Show/hide barriers/props.

Since terrain can’t be modified.

I did, and to me, it looks ugly. And I used props but it didn’t get the definition of the florr to look right, which is why I am trying to use terrain. And that is going to be a pain if I can’t

Have you considered using barriers as terrain?

Barries kind of look like terrain but with a plasticy look so you could use them by Turing it on and off. (Quote @CassiusDoomlorde)


can you quote me there

he probably can’t see

Yes, I used the device barrier(which look really bad as floor) and the stone prop barriers, which keep poping out of the correct layered order(which is a huge pain, trust me).

Maybe wooden signs as the floors?

I could, let me look at how it would fit the theme.

Yeah that would work as a battle ship deck, thanks for the idea!

You’re welcome wolf. Hope my idea works, now i gotta finish my test in science…

Its works well, just a bit annoying with the copy and pasting but Im used to that. And yeah, you should be doing test before helping a person like me.

Alright that’s good!

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