Is there a way to make game of the generals

i want to make a game of the generals board game. i played it in china when i went for vaca but the chinese variation is too complicated, i want to make it now that i am back from vacation


what do you mean game of generals

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what is game of generals?

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So all I found is a chess like game

Edit. Almost nobody lives or went to China. Please explain what this game is that you are trying to recreate.

I live in China, I think he means Chinese chess… but I am not sure…

YOU LIVE IN CHINA I've always wanted to go to China @chrysostom

But after a little research there is another game called the game of general that is similar to stratego (a “similar to chess” game where you cannot see the opponents pieces)

Huh? Does it have marbles?

I don’t think so, but the original author hasn’t replied in a while so we don’t actually know what game he wants to make, moreover boardgames in general are hard to make so even if someone is willing to help, it would take a VERY! VERY! long time!

Welcome to the forums @justagimba! Can you give me more info on what “Generals” is, so I can help you further?

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This is what I found on google:

it does seem quite similar to chess except the different pieces have limitations to who they can KO and a flag that they have to either capture and eliminate.

I lived in the republic of china for 2 years, and go there sometimes to visit my parents

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Cool! I did some more research, statego is basically a complex version of “game of generals” but I have no idea why China was brought up because it seems to have been invented in the Philippines…

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Yeah… I saw that too, but you know how stuff gets around, someone probably went to the Philippines, played the game, thought it was cool, bought it, and brought it back to China.