Is there a way to make capture points in a area

is there a way to make capture points in a area so i can make a map where i people can walk into a area and once they walk in they get one point per second and highest points team will win the game

Yes, it is quite simple,

First, add a ko counter and wire it to a spawn pad then, get a prop and make it so it doesn’t have collision and then wire that to a wire repeater and then make a teleporter go to a base and then you are done

Hope I could help

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That’s not what they are talking about. Did you post it in the wrong post?
(Not trying to be rude btw)

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You will need a zone, a repeater, a wire repeater, a counter, and a property device.
The zone settings should be Visible in Game → Yes so the player can see the zone.
The repeater settings should be Task Interval → 1 and Stop Strategy-> After receiving on channel so the repeater doesn’t randomly stop.
The wire repeater doesn’t need any settings.
The counter settings should be Update Property → Yes (it’s under the property tab) and Property to Update → Score (or whatever you want to call it)
The property settings should be Property Name → Score (Or the name of the property you made earlier if you gave it a different name,) Property Type → Number, and Property Scope → Player

Zone to Repeater (Player Enters Zone → Start Repeater)
Repeater to counter (Repeater runs task → Increment counter)
Zone to Wire Repeater (When player exits Zone)
Wire Repeater to Repeater (When the wire repeater receives a pulse → Stop Repeater)
You don’t have to do anything with the property device.

Map Settings
In map options, click on the score tab. Use Leaderboard → Yes, Score Type → Property, and Score Property → (the name of the property you made)

That’s all. Tell me if something doesn’t work.


i reported you on accident ;-;

i did all of the steps that you said to do but i wanted to make it so for every second you wait inside you get one point and when i did it it only gave one point per time you walked so while you stood there you got nothing and you would only get points if you walked in and out repetitively

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Are you sure you are using an actual repeater (not a wire repeater) and its stop strategy is set to after receiving on channel?

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