Is there a way to make brawl stars in Gimkit?

So I have just been wondering if it would be realistic and possible to create Brawl Stars (the popular mobile game by Supercell) into Gimkit. I know the mapmaking and the simple devices like the spawns would be easy, but I was wondering if you could also add the abilities of some of the characters and maybe *power cubes into the game. I have some ideas about the abilities but it would be clunky and honestly kind of annoying to make and I’m not sure it would be enjoyable to the players. The power cubes though I am fully lost. Any and all help would be appreciated thank you.

  • Power Cubes are basically consumables that you can get by opening a crate that let you become stronger, in Brawl Stars they can stack

I don’t see why you couldn’t make a rudimentary version of brawl stars. The power cells sound like you need to increment a counter, which changes a property. When the property is changed, broadcast on a channel that triggers a trigger that broadcasts on a concatenated channel that uses the value of the first property to activate a damage boost. You might want to consult @Blizzy. She asked a similar question.

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Ok thank you, but do you have any ideas about the abilities side of the game, without it the map would pretty much just be a battle royale with some ways to become more op

Well, here’s a fun fact about me: I don’t have a phone, so I can’t play brawl stars. Unless the ability requires more than a few weapons, it might be kinda hard and require a coordinate system to properly implement. What did you have in mind?

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Well to start Brawl Stars fighting system relies on lots of different characters (around 70 rn) they each have their own separate “basic” ability, and their ultimate which they can get from damaging other players. There are also gadgets which are like an ability that is limited to only a few uses every game, but I don’t really want to add that to the game. I want the game to not get repetive so I need some different characters. If each character has 2 abilities (their basic and ultimate) since (I think) there are 7 weapons in Gimkit I can only add 3 characters which I feel like would be too little. (Btw: Sorry for all this rambling, I just really love Brawl Stars)

No, it’s fine! I’m thinking you could have like 4 characters in your game: one that is extra fast, one that is extra strong, one that has extra health, and one that is a balanced mix of the other 3. If you have RNG, a super lucky character could be your fifth. Extra characters could be made by having different proportions of the different basic attributes.

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Ok thank you for all the advice and sitting through and reading my ultra long ideas. But just wondering what would the lucky character be getting lucky in? I don’t really understand the luck aspect of a pvp game (not trying to be rude or mean). But once again thank you for your help.

To be honest, I don’t know. Not all ideas are good. Maybe item drops are just better?

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So are you suggesting that the lucky player is basically going to be able to steal the other players ability’s/items on elimination?

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Like @ClicClac said, you probably could, at least kinda. It might take a lot of memory though.

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Probably could what?

You know how in games like GK8, there are item boxes? The lucky character has a higher chance of getting a good item.

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could make brawl stars. i don’t see why you couldn’t try

Idk I was just looking for some ideas about how to incorporate some of the Brawl Stars mechanics into Gimkit🤷‍♂️

Ok thank you I am going to do that and the idea about a character that can steal other players abilities

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