Is there a way to make a weapon when brought out other players can't see it

yea I don’t know if you can

I mean Gimkit might add invisabits later in the future, but I’m not sure about weapons… but Gimkit is unpredictable so who knows :person_shrugging:

Yea it’s strange no one else has responded but you

I don’t think so, though nothing is gimpossible, so…

Nothing is, but some things just can’t be made, at least with what we currently have.

Doesn’t Among Us have you tagging?
If you have a weapon, we can’t make that happen, yet

it can or can’t my system is a weapon, because you can add an invisible cool down as the weapon reload. But you can’t hid a weapon regardless, its not a feature no matter what system you are using.

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I should probably include some sort of guide on that its so much more convenient, but it will be a small guide.

Nope. They make it so a weapon isn’t present and you can kill a player (if you’re an imposter) with a button.

Also, this might help. @Shade

Buttons are too cluncky, tag is the best way to do it. As long as you have tag zones.

i agree, a weapon is also easier to conceal and it has a cooldown that is not visable unlike tag systems.

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You could make a cooldown.

on tag? Yeah i know but your character flashed yellow and red so then every one knows who it is because the cooldown has to be long.

Really? After the tag zone has been deactivated the taggers flash yellow and red?

yes, that is the cooldown, sort of like how the weapon alpha goes lower when it reloads, players just flash colors.

Oops. Then, activate a movement meter after the tag, and have it make everyone freeze, and after a couple seconds, it lets everyone go. It allows the tagger to have a “cooldown” and not be obvious.

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I have for it but the thing is if the imposter pulls out the weapon every one knows it him that see’s the weapon

tag systems are more invisible than weapons there currently is no way to hide a weapon while having it out

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thanks I’ll try to find a way