Is there a way to make a trigger, barrier, and zone work, and visible to only one player? ᵖˡˢ ʰᵉˡᵖ ˡᵒˡ

I need it for a gkc team where one player can do a certain ability.

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idk how that would work though. If one of them is still active, then wont it still be the same?

can you please elaborate more?

pls move this to help…

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ok… just understood the system, don’t have to duplicate it, just need to add a special way of identifying the player, then you need to add a checker…

You use scopes. Set the scope on each device to player.

the zone doesn’t have a scope

there isn’t a scope on zones, but I did that for everything else.

now which player do you want this stuff to be visible to?

a player presses a button, then the devices appear in a certain spot in the map.
but the devices only appear and work for the player who pushes the button.

is the certain spot always the same or does it depend?

its the same every time.

btw a trigger cannot be “made visible” what do you need other than that

well you can have prop over it and then have it shown
but I think it means more availability

I need to know how to make a zone only appear to a player then
(that presses the button)

a zone when activated can only be visible to all players
but may I ask what is the purpose of this zone? I may be able to help you fix it.

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if it is just to mark an area, then you can use a barrier with collision off…
if it is to detect something, then it doesn’t have to be visible and put a trigger in between the zone and what it does, and have the button activate it [the trigger]

you can wire the zone to a trigger only allowed for one team or deactivate it through player scope.
unless I’m stoopid and don’t get the situation…

the purpose is for a game mechanic. for example, the button is pressed, the player get a power up that people don’t know they have. Then they enter the zone which gives them an extra jump for a fraction of a second. then player enters zone → trigger and trigger deactivates the barrier. then you have an extra jump horray.