Is there a way to make a timer?

When a player enters the next level, i’m trying to send a notification after 5 second of being in the level.

Player enters level → wire repeater with 5 second delay → notification.


What devices do I need for that?

If you’re using channels, use a trigger with a 5 seconds delay instead.

you need 1 wire reapeater / 1 trigger, on top of what you already have.

and if your a coder, then you could use the block code to make a better timer

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You can a trigger, wire repeater, and channels.
Also, repeaters are easier, but they use memory and aren’t as efficient as a simple trigger clock.
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Figured it out @some_kid. I wired a zone to a wire repeater
(player enters zone → send a pulse)
and the wire repeater to a notification
(pulse received → send notification)

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