Is there a way to make a power system like fnaf

i want to make a fnaf map that works

so maybe make a timer using a repeater and a counter and make the repeater stop or activate when recieving on channel say like “open door” or “close door” then barriers or props appear on “close door” and it starts the repeater and vice versa however if you want constant energy use during the entire game idk how and you should make another timer counting down to when the night ends

for the night ending i can just put a timer in the map

idk much about the in game timer in the map options so maybe you could but if you want a multi level fnaf map counter timers would be best

and if you want me to help you make the fnaf map message me on wix tomorrow

You could have a repeater repeating forever. It would broadcast to a trigger that subtracts a property from the total electricity. The property would be 0 when the door is closed, and something positive when the door is open.

You could do this

It might help I don’t know much about fnaf

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