Is there a way to make a player drop their inventory when they die?

Couldn’t find a guide on this and map options says you could either keep items after death or delete them so that won’t work.

I am not completely sure if that’s possible, but if it is it would probably be a knockout manager connected to an inventory manager.

I don’t think it’s possible right now.

maybe a knockout manager and check if they have that item. but not really, so no.

For this, you’ll need only 1 device. Yep. Only 1 Device. Let’s not get mad at it, it’s just 1 device. Anyways, press “E” On your keyboard.

Click on “Devices”.

Now, Press “Advanced Devices”.

Click on the 3rd device, called “Knockout Manager”, and put it near team switcher or lifecycle.

Click on the knockout manager - since, well… does not know what to do. So it won’t do anything. Click on it.

Click on the “Items” Section.

You’re going to say “Bro, it’s just 1 option. How is this gonna help?” That’s not the only one we’re modifying. Make grant item turn into “Yes”.

There’s more options to configure. On the item to grant, select the item you want the grant, and the item amount on how much it wants to give you. Grant Strategy should be “Drop on Knocked Out Player”, Then, you can use drop chance if you want.

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Yeah it’s not possible, the closest thing is to clear an item from the inventory.

actually don’t listen to me, listen to gimsolver.

@GimSolver I’m trying to make the current players inventory drop, not a specific item.

That is the closest you can get.


link every item to a property.

If the player has the property, drop it. Probably would only work with gadgets though…(on death btw)

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I’ll try to develop that idea, and if it works, make ea guide on it.

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The heck I do that
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do this.

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now i do this

Oh hi again is it when the team switcher device switch’s you to a team will it switch you to a team that doesn’t exist or have a spawner?

Ok, this should be simple but tedious. I didn’t try this out because I would take a while, but it worked in the simulation. Tell me what happens.


Get a lifecycle and make it so that it transmits knockout.


Get an Inventory Item Manager. Set it to bait, and make the max 0 (you can do that right?). Make it not active on start, and activate when receiving knockout, and deactivate when receiving reset.


Get a counter that increments counter on knockout. When it reaches its target of 1, broadcast reset. Then reset counter when receiving reset.


Copy the Inventory Item Manager, and make one for every item, but the other settings stay the same.

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@TheOVERGOD This is unrelated on the topic. You should start a new one.

It might be outdated though. HE said its very buggy too. I think he said patched, let me check it out.