Is there a way to make a platformer game?

I would like to make a platformer game but is there a way?

Either use a text screen or wait for the update.

Nope. But Josh announced that it’ll be released early 2024.

What is a text screen?

Or you become @Apoll02 and make one out of text (like what getrithekd said) and make it extremely complex with triggers and movement (making it very very laggy).


It’s kind of hard to explain… Check out apollo’s gimjumper on discovery, and you’ll see what I mean.

I’ve played it but I don’t think I could do that

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If you don’t want to do that, then you’ll have to use zones and teleporters to simulate falling. It’s almost the same engine (computing your height). Or you wait for the update.


ehhhh i’ll wait for the update.

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you can also simulate it not just using text renders, but by placing barriers around everything and making all these systems and teleporter chains to jump and stuff. however, i would do the text render system (with teleporter chains, you need randomizers to determine if you land or miss)

Also I don’t think you need randomizers…


well, if you have something like a risky jump, you could use randomizers to make a chance that you fall or make it

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How would you classify it as risky or not risky?

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like a loooong jump with a large distance in between or if you’ve ever made it to summit 6 in dld, those plant canister jumps or space container ones (those are risky)

I am so confused and um what are randomizes?

No how does the engine decide if it’s risky? Because I’m not going to classify EVERY SINGLE JUMP myself.

Randomizers give out a random number.

randomizers are what make things random by selecting an integer and once an integer is chosen, something happens

I don’t want to get of topic here

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it’s better just to wait til the dld update comes out (soon…)

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