Is there a way to make a flag not able to be dropped?

Is there anyway to do this?

No, it will automaticaly happen when that player dies.

You could have a pseudo flag capture system.

and how would that work???

Have a different item or resource that’s the flag.

Maybe just don’t make any zone for the flag to disappear?

Maybe using checkers, if the player droppped the flag, it would grant another one? I don’t know if this would work, just a random idea.

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Expanding on this in idea, we give the player a pseudo flag. If a player drops it, then it will activate a trigger with a delay of .1s. IMPORTANT: Make that trigger after this: Make a zone that checks if the player has the flag when entering. If the person does, it should deactivate the trigger from earlier and then take it away.

I want the item to be a actual flag, and is there a way for all players to have a flag? @here

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yeah, make a flag device spawn near a player spawner and if you want you can add more inventory spots for more flags, a player can hold 5 flags in total.

:frowning: there is a 6 flag device limit

oof, so then you can only make it a six player game, there really isn’t much you can do to bypass that.

6 player game it is :frowning:

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Sorry, but some things have/need to be allowed a better limit, and the flag device is just one of many on that list.

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