Is there a way to make a cooldown, like when someone is tagged, if the respawn is off?

I’m making a freeze tag game, and the other team gets points when they tag the other team. I’ve got it so they don’t respawn so it is freeze tag but i don’t see how the other team couldn’t just farm points by continuously running into them. is there a way to make a cooldown?

You could turn tag zone off

Yes, if you wanted to set a cool down for the whole team, you could turn the tag zone off, but that would make it so the whole team wouldn’t be able to tag any players for a period of time.

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I don’t understand what you’re trying to prevent.

My suggestion would be to make it so they couldn’t get points by tagging frozen players. To do this, grant players an item when they get frozen. Then, make it so if a player is tagged, check if they have that item. If they don’t, freeze them and grant the tagging team a point.
This will check if they have been tagged and are frozen, and if they are frozen, will not grant the tagging team a point.


There isn’t a cooldown, but you can make a property that checks if the person is frozen or not. After this, make a trigger give them the point only if the person is frozen.

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