Is there a way to make a code door with buttons?

So I’m making a 3 lives story map but I don’t know how to make a map that has buttons in an order to open a barrier

Short answer: Yes.

But what do you mean by a “code door”? You have to press all buttons for it to open?

you have to press the buttons in a specific order

Yes, this is possible. You’ll need some block code to do it though, so if you aren’t comfortable with that I wouldn’t make a system like this.

If you want to though, here is a summary of how to do it:

Each button triggers a trigger that runs block code that:
Checks if a property equals the order it is pressed in (if it is the third button to be pressed)
If it is, increase the property, otherwise, reset it.
At the final button, if it passes unlock the barrier.

It worked. Thanks for the help. I might make a guide about it so people with a similiar idea know how

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