Is there a way to make 2 players fight with custom attacks

I am trying to make a 1v1 fight game

Sadly no, you can only give different weapons to players or by turning on tag for one player and giving the other a weapon. That is as custom as you can get with damaging a player.

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thank you for helping

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If you do this, I recommend adding in a system where the taggers are slower than the gunmen. It sounds counterintuitive, but unless the total health points of the player is less than one shot from the weapon, then the tagger can run up and one tap the gunman.

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Some tips:

Listen to @ClicClac, @mysz, @WhoAmI, @Anythinger, @NavyCatZ, @Im_Pretty_Cool, @Zypheir, and @Blackhole927! They are the best at what they do and who I look up to!

Also, I suggest you look at beginner-must-read, as you will learn a lot from those.


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I did it, I made the custom attacks and the fighting.

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when Iā€™m done someone can try it


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i am in your game turn on editing permissions

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