Is there a way to do this in revive a player from spectating?

I just thought of this, but is there a way to make a player spectate when they are eliminated until someone revives them? I’m curious. Also, has anybody made a guide on this?

I know it can happen, I don’t know how tho.

I don’t think so. You can’t change someone from spectator to living.


No, I don’t think so. At least, not in a very efficient and accessible way.


No. Not that i know of, but what your saying is, "Someone knocks me out, i can’t get back in UNLESS someone revives me", correct?

If not, I might try working on it as my next project. Sounds exciting! (My current project being my v1.3 update to my game (Yes I’m still working on it. I have run into some issues))

Yes. That is what I mean.

You cannot switch teams after you switch someone to spectator.

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okay, get a button that gets people in the game, but it costs something.
That’s what i had to do in my farmchain map, just find another way to do “something” or just scratch the idea completly.

I’m sure there is a possible way. If we can make save files, I’m pretty sure we can make this.

Maybe use a team switcher and spawn pads for different teams to simulate it? You won’t be able to spectate though.

yea but this sounds fishy to me. like why don’t you post this to a suggestion platform connected to Gimkit?

Yes, but that would mean I have to give each individual player their own spawn pad.

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Also I want them to spectate a certain team

you can’t activate/deactivate spawn pads (or wire things to them or to something else)


what if you made a jail section that teleports players when they get knocked out, and then open the cage/jail by pressing a button?

That’s exactly why I made this topic. This would be something that I was hoping we could get some help on. @Blackhole927, do you think this is possible?

I want them to spectate a player though. Plus they need to get revived by their teammate

it seems impossible, i can’t do anything about that.
maybe scratch the spectating idea?
because most people don’t even spectate
even if they did, they would get out the jail cell in a matter of seconds

than make the button only pressed by this team???