Is there a way to display a property on screen like in dld or diu

i ask this because i need to display somthing like this on my screen
(link a tutorial if u know, NO IDK IF THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE)

Can you be more specific? Do you want it to show your height or how much energy you have?

i have a property called cool meter. it tracks your Y. i would like to know if there is a way to do somthing like “Cool Meter: your Y”

(like in dont look down)

You need some sort of value to input. What is y that you are tracking? Is it the number of knockouts? Is it your height?

Assuming Y is your height:

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Y is height aka up and down. X is left and right.
(am i the only one who knows this? maybe just cuz im a game designer

thanks ill try it. see how itll go

this helped alot! thanks for sending

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