Is there a way to add xp?

I wanted to make a way so that people can earn xp in the game. Is there a way to?

Hi, what do you mean, for like level up in fighting?


Is this with players or sentries?

no you can only get xp in game from answering questions correct

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Well we will make a in map system.

yea only for the questionare, that gives you 30xp, but you can’t change it.

They mean for an in game system for like stat increase or something, right @Ali-DaWolf?

Yea, something like that.

I’ll try to make a design in my testing map, and screen-shot it. I am thinking of players (or sentries) drop an item which a certain amount is a level up, which increases health and damage.

K, got it

Just have it in a vending machine, then wires trigger things like damage up.

Got it, thanks!

Give me a second to make a design. Oh, ok.

Have a good day Starry.

You too!

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