Is there a way i can make peoples kits change color?

if there is let me know

Like the answer question kits?

What do you mean by this?

o sorry, i mean like the persons charachter

like on actual gimkit or the forms?

The only way is with a damage modifier or respawn immunity.

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i want to change the persons gim in game to make it a different color than their skin is normaly

a respawn immunity device or a damage booster.

‘respawn immunity device’ is not a thing

it’s a game setting

so is their a way i can give infinite respawn immunity but it not be affective?

just use a damage boost with a negligible value


no like when you respawn then you have a couple of seconds of immunity to shots.

thank you i appreciate the help

like in snowbrawl after being shot

your welcome @sn0wball

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