Is There A Way For A Device To Check What Team A Player Is On?

For example, in my among us remake, there is a role if they get voted or are eliminated they win. I just need a way to check if player is on team 3 and if they get tagged it transmits on channel, but I don’t know how to check a player’s team.

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Yes, in block code.

In a trigger’s block code, use an if statement with “triggering player’s team number”.

There might be a way with checkers, let me check.

Can you please explain the block code?

Okay, grab a trigger.

In the blocks of the trigger, go to logic and get a “if, do” block.

Attach a " = " block to the if block (from logic).

Get a “triggering player’s team number” block from essentials, and put it in the first section.

Get a number block from math, and put it in the second section.

Hope this helps!

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Or you could use the team filtering option in the wire repeater for a more memory efficient way.


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