Is there a substitute for triggers?

so the reason im saying this is because i have too much triggers for boss attack animations and respawn zones and i need a substitute for triggers because animation is starting to not run properly

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i doubt it but thanks for trying to help im using wire repeaters and triggers that trigger when recieving on a channel from the boss attack randomizer and i need something to trigger and be able to repeat the pulse

Honestly how many wires do you have?

ummmmm… a lot and i mean a lot

i tried making the animations shorter and simpler to avoid too much lag but its starting to bug out anyways

Maybe try using channels a lot more than wires

here just come on the wix and d m me and i´ll show you the system that i have my words are very confusing rn

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Zones are a decent substitute.

alright solved by @The_7th_Dragon some triggers on the map had trigger on channel when it shouldnt have been

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