Is there a 'Duplicate' option for creative maps?

Is there a ‘Duplicate’ option for creative maps? Like for example, if I have ‘Map A’ could I duplicate it somehow so I could have 2 'Map A’s, or do I have to remake the entire map? Thanks!

Welcome to the forums, @BananaBoi345! I’m sorry, there is currently no way to ‘duplicate’ a map.

Thank you so much for welcoming me, @Cameron_Sharer! Thank you for answering!

Here’s a little synopsis of what the expectations are here.

Thank you for that :smiley:

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Welcome to the community!

Thank you, @getrithekd!

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If you made a HUGE box wide enough and copied the stuff in it, you could paste it again into a separate area in the map. Meaning they would be on the same on, but you could have another.

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That doesn’t copy certain devices, like zones.

True. It would take a while…

yeah, I was talking about the whole map (as in the one in the main menu).

Alright then. I feel like there won’t be a duplicate feature for a while.
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Ok true that does work lol

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