Is there a device that lets you sense players leaving or being kicked out of the game?

I am trying to make a player counter.

No, there is not.

Actually, someone made a guide on this, just let me find it and show you.


May '23

I was able to do this by triggering on behalf of all players on game start to make a counter increment by one. The counter tracks a property called “player count” and that is your player amount. If you want the count to be able to go down when somebody is knocked out, connect a knockout manager to decrement the counter when target knocked out. If you want this to work with late joining you would need to connect a repeater that repeats every half-second to reset the counter and then trigger on nehalf of all players again.

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A player named @Dayy made it, just to let you know, this is not mine.

Thanks for the help!

No problem @CraftMasterPlayz!

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