Is there a better way to hide this counter, but still be able to read it?


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If you want to only see the number, you can link it to a number property, like so,

Then you can add a text next to it,

and use Blocks to make the text display the property, when recieving on channel, which can be linked to whatever causes the score to update as well.

But that’s kind of complicated. I think your method works really well too!


Do I change the text or do I leave it as text here?

It should change on its own once it’s updated. You can start it on a number as well depending on what the counter is for.

The counter just counts how many times a zone has been entered

Ok. So, When Player Enters Zone, broadcast on a channel. Make that channel the trigger condition for the text Blocks and Increment Counter as well. The text should then update to the new number. You can make it 0 instead of Text Here.

here are a few ways to conceal it:

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So what would it look like if the Chanel name was 15 and what would I be modifying?

If the channel was called 15, then the blocks would be when recieving on channel 15 and the counter would be Increment Counter when recieving on 15.

Would the text blocks look like one of these

Yes. It would be the one on the top.

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if you are just going to use a text box, then you can just use property and text, and forget about the counter

like this:

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How do you change the part under block?

pardon? which part?

Never mind I figured it out

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It did work, but not without the counter
Thank you

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