Is tagging and zapping someone knocking them out

is there a way to make zappers not affect the overall score(im using tags to monitor score, but when someone zaps someone else out, it counts as a knockout, which is how i count tags)

Tagging counts as a knockout? If it does then you can use a property and use blocks in the tag zone to add 1 to a property which the game tracks for score.

i just want to know how to make a zapping knockout not count

you can’t change how the pre-made scoring works but I didn’t know tagging counts as a knockout

well idk if it does
but the way im keeping score, a tag will count as a “knockout”
granting the player smth that will be used to keep score
bc of that, zapping also counts

just wire the tag zone to an item granter to grant the tagging player the item used to keep score

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i figured it out
im pretty sure ive asked this before
and i got an answer
but when i get knocked out i want to lose 50%energy
i put down this code as directed: