Is my knowledge of the gimkit lore correct

I have been wondering if my account and game’s lore is correct bc it has a lot to do with the real lore.

My lore

Cody the dinosaur always knew he was special, we don’t know why he’s different from the other dinos but ok I guess. Anyways, he was smarter then all the other dinos. He didn’t really want to show it off because he didn’t want his friends to think he was a nerd.

How about I tell the story for a bit?

Fine, but you’re not better than me or anything.

One day, Cody saw a strange streak in the sky, like a comet…
but comets don’t usually get bigger, do they?
He told everyone to run and find shelter,
but they didn’t understand.
They didn’t see.
They didn’t even brace for impact.
After the dust settled, Cody was the last dinosaur left.

Can I tell the last bit? Please? I like the last bit.


YES! ahem
Nowadays Cody poses as a human because dinoism is petty bad in this day and age.
Cody is just an ordinary person, no lies, no deceit, no trickery.
He’s an ord1nary dino
posing as an 0rd1nary person
An 0rd1nary… cod3r.

We only put him in a little costume. We aren’t disguising him or anything.
And what the heck is “dinoism”

It’s when people don’t like you just because you’re a dino.

And what’s this stuff about him being an
ordinary person, he’s not a person.
He’s a dinosaur.

You know we can’t protect him forever, right?

Aww man! I want to keep him!
He looks so cute in that person costume.

We can’t just hide him for the rest of time.
He belongs with his own kind.

His own kind is… gone.

Vesper, we took him here and we need to take him back eventually.


It’s the only way.

We won’t.
Take him.

We could give him a gift.

Why would a gift help?

It might cheer him up.

Listen here, Crafty. He witnessed the destruction of his entire kind and knows that he is destined to suffer the same fate, and you think A GIFT is enough to cheer him up?!?!

You know I can take you back to where I found you too.

Fine. Send him back.

Little guy, come here.
I have a gift for you.
Take it, it’s your very own laptop.
It has infinite charge,
It’s indestructible, What more could you want?

No, you can’t stay, you need to go back.
I’m sorry.

No, please,
I’m not a dinosaur.
Don’t send me back
the experiments did this to me
Echo did this to me
the chemical supreme did this to me.
Can’t you hear me?
We need to stop them.

this is off topic and you should get rid of everything in this topic or else it will be flagged


this isn’t the place to put lore…

do that on the wix-

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Oh… Sorry, I wanted my lore for my profile and game to match up with the real thing.

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well, if you really do want to post your lore and this is a genuine question, here’s a link to the wix:

You can ask us on there.


it doesn’t have to be right,just use your imagination.

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Thank you!


If you are going to do something like this
please just put it in the Wix or in your bio…
But I like the lore!

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