Is my idea legal

So I am making a game about the wild west, and for the opening place you spawn in, it is called a saloon. Is that inappropriate?

No, as long as there is no gambling.

It depends on what’s in it.

Its legal if there is no gambling?

Yes, it is. Hope this helps.

As long as everything in it is LEGAL, its fine

But you can’t make transactions in gimkit though except for the season pass and pro plan

Yeah, there is going to be a worker and tables and a horse stable outside of it, but no alcohol or beer references.

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I think he was talking about trading in-game.




a public room or building used for a specified purpose.

A saloon doesn’t have to be bad, see? It could just be a place where cowboys come to drink Age-Appropriate Beverage and hang out, or whatever. Anyways, I’d mark a solution soon.

I don’t think that it would be necessarily bad, assuming that you left out elements such as gambling or alcohol.

As long there are no Alcoholic drinks or stuff like that you should be fine.

You can replace the inappropriate drinks with apple juice maybe.

And make sure there are no aspects of gambling or betting.

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Be respectful.

Wait, what did he say? I was in class.

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Something very inappropriate
Look at his username and take a guess


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It does sound familiar something from december…

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