Is it too late for Zardy's Maze?

Yeah, it doesn’t matter what time of the year it is. Make it for fun!


Christmas is in like three more weeks. Or four. Or something. But, you have time to make it! Make it!


I might have heard of this game once.

Yh I think it’s a horror game but I heard of it from a Friday Night Funkin’ mod.

ah yeah.

How do you make a reply that is less than 20 characters?

< words between these >

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put it like this



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Please stop replying; this is going off-topic

oh ok.

Anybody have a suggestion for making the maze?

try this.

barriers or walls? Corn stalks?

no no i meant like, making the map. like, where the walls go.

Corn stalks with barriers?

We can’t really help you with that. Codes aren’t allowed here.

o. Well maybe make it really confusing i guess…?

ok. and yh ik not to put codes.

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