Is it possible to transfer a map to another account?

Is it possible to transfer a map to another account? I want to publish Legacies of Gimkit on another account b/c I don’t wanna be flagged because I’m hated or because a forumer is angry for not being in the game.

Not unless you copy it over by hand lol

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I wonder if I could message the mods and ask them to transfer the map to a different account. It’s too large to recreate and would take me about a year to recreate it exactly, but I don’t wanna be flagged. :smile:

@WolfTechnology, could you message the mods about this for me? :laughing: Thanks again for the help w/ getting Guide to #Art Tips unflagged. Hopefully Jeffo restores it soon. :smile:

This should go on the suggestions page on the Nolt (

Good idea, but I’m not sure it currently exists.

This dosn’t exist yet sadly

no, and i don’t think you should even try if it’s big big


Uhh, I’m slow. Whattya mean? :smile:

If it is really big it is hard to copy

and you probably shouldn’t even try



Uhmm… no. I think this is only possible If you contact gimkit via email.

Just a note, I wanted to give a personal thank you for adding a memorial for Dodge_Fox in the game you’re making. :smiling_face_with_tear:


Yeah, I don’t think this is possible at the moment.

No, there is no possible way to transfer a map to another account.

You have to copy it from scratch - starting over.

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Okay, I guess I’m just gonna leave it as is and just publish it as a Showcase link for now. :sweat_smile: Thanks for the help, everyone! :smile:

This should be suggested on the nolt. I kinda want to switch accounts with the same information and maps.

I’d suggest it, but I can’t get on there b/c of school. Could someone else do it? :smile:

I can’t because same reason.

Oh, okay. That’s too bad. :sweat_smile:

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