Is it possible to open up a search browser on GKC or link external code?

This is for a work in progress AI.

I don’t know if I understand correctly, but AI isn’t allowed on GKC.

No I do not think so

Wait why though?

Why wouldn’t an AI be allowed? Of course it is!

No, sorry, you’d have to make all the code yourself; GKC doesn’t embed, and if you could it’s against community guidelines, anyway.

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Okay, but why is AI not allowed though?

It is allowed.

Okay - I asked because I was trying to solve this problem

Yeah, that’d be cool. What would you use it for?

No idea, it’s just a fun thing to do!

Yeah, if sentries could walk, now that we have skins and sentry names you’d be able to make a bot player for multiplayer games with only one player.

You mean talk? But walking would be cool.

I meant walk, I mean you could have an actual moving player that is controlled b the AI.

GimAI was banned. AI on the forums isn’t allowed is what i meant.

Yes, but that’s not what the topic said.

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Oh - I always wondered where GimAI went!

Yeah, it was just too damaging to the community.

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like I said, I didn’t understand.

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