Is it possible to make it so when you get shot by a certain gun your speed is set to 0

So basically I’m trying to make a taser weapon and once you get shot by it your “stunned” and your speed is set to 0 so you can’t move

I don’t think you can detect the weapon that hit you. Unless the devs add that function in GKC, you’ll have to take that mechanic out.

You can add a speed modifier and make it so that when a player is “tased” it triggers it.

You cant make a effect impact a player, you can grant an item and an effect will happen, but not when hit by a gadget. Sorry but you can’t do that.

You would need a zone to do that. and a gadget fire does not have a effect on the game only player so you can’t make a function with it.

Dang it I was trying to make a Cops and Robbers mode

You can’t have it granted and if hit the speed goes to 0?

Yeah… You could make an overlay saying stun that has a random chance of tasing all the robbers.

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Try this, I am not sure if it has a gadget system in it though.

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Beat you to it lol.

Yeah, Cyan 1- wolf 0.


If I say that I’m making an among us game, but didn’t make a help post on it, would you give me the among us tag? I don’t think so. Same with viper wolf. Just because they say something about making a game mode doesn’t mean that you need to give a guide on that game mode.

I put it because he said that.


Guys don’t argu over that.

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Got it