Is it possible to make art with wires?

Hey, so a friend said I couldn’t make art with wires and I want to prove him wrong.
is it possible?

In theory you could probably make something, but it would be highly impractical and wouldn’t show in game. People have tried to make wire art before, as demonstrated by this picture, but technically, your friend is right.

Wires are invisible in game, so no. It is impossible.

yes you could but your patience would have to be insane and wires don’t go strait they curve making art a bit, challenging. Plus it will not show up when the game is hosted.

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Well all I needed was to see if it was possible, I already know it wont show in game but thank.


He’s directing that to the art Blackhole made.

it was to @Blackhole927 it’s pretty cool

yes exactly @th3_ca1tsune that’s wat I mean

So what dose it mean?

nothing really, but good luck on your wire art. :+1:

its a stamp approval but we need to stay on topic plz

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He was congratulating me for answering or something idk i don’t know why people do that when there’s a like button that was invented for that very purpose…


ye but u cant use it when u don’t have any besides I think congratsing it myself make people feel better

agreed, there is no purpose and i honestly have no clue how and why people started doing it.

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BTW not yelling

how its 8:20 in the morning. nvm that.

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