Is it possible to make an item break or disappear when you've used it a certain amount of times?

I’m not someone who likes to go to deep into things unless I really feel like doing it, so I kinda quit on the PvZ thing. (with my own mind) I have thought up on making a Zelda game! I need to have like the durability of items and have them break, but I don’t see how I could do it. I’m not the smartest guy so any help is wanted.

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maybe wait until mining?
when it comes to creative it might have something

So currently it isn’t possible, correct? If not I guess I’ll just give my own twist to the game, it being a really big one.

it could be coded but only by how many things you knock out and it’s not really worth it


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Yeah, durability might be a thing in the future, so keep your hopes up! :blush:

I love Zelda games! When I clicked on this, I thought, this sounds like a Zelda game!

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