Is it possible to make a stopwatch?

I want to make a timing system where if you finish the fastest you win the game, is it possible to make a like a stopwatch type thing that starts when you step on a trigger then ends when you step on another trigger, or something of that sort?

You can use the how to count seconds guide.
Just make is so that the earliest time wins.

Where is this guide?

How to Make a “Seconds Survived” Leaderboard Like Snowy Survival :green_square:
Maybe you could use this one, it’s kind of the same.

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you can using repeaters, but it is complicated and only goes to the hundreths

Yeah, and using a counter can increment a property per second.
The least amount of seconds wins, maybe?
Maybe with some block code.
Property value updated increment counter.

I will take a look at this one but it is possible to make the least seconds win?

Using block code.
Did you want to see an example? I’m not good, but maybe I could help.

Yeah, the snowy survival guide did not really help because it was based off knockouts and not like finishing the course so I don’t think it would work, and Im not smart enough to remake it.

Actually, this sounds pretty difficult. I don’t think this has ever been done before. There are racing guides, but counting the least amount of seconds is hard.

ok Ill try to make a variation of the snowy survival thing, maybe it will work if i change it from knockout to death idk, but thanks for the guide.

No problem. Thanks for using it.

so, wherever your starting line is, place down a zone, and then connect a zone to the first trigger, and make the trigger out of the players range and visibility. Put the trigger scope to player and then make it broadcast on a channel. Make the channel trigger a repeater with the interval of one and then connect it to the counter and then make a zone at the finish line, connect that to a second trigger and make the repeater stop after it receives on the second trigger

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Thanks for this but I found another solution.

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