Is it possible to make a holdout mode if so then can I have any ideas or anything to help me?

I want to make like a new game-mode like loot for items and scavenge medkits cans and stuff once the 2 minutes is up sentries will spawn (with common zapper) but so on enemies become stronger and after some waves a boss will appear that you have to defeat with weapons you gathered. If you defeat it you win the game nothing happens. You live to die another die basically unless… that my idea

1: Loot Crates.

(Lifecycle) Event Occurs → (Trigger) Trigger
(Trigger) Triggered > (Sentry) Activate Sentry

3: Just make the enemies stronger over time in later stages/levels

4: Isn’t this already a mechanic?
You can only kill sentries with gadgets.

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Thank you for reminding me.

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also thank you for the help!

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