Is it possible to make a collab on Gimkit?

Like on Scratch if you have blocklive you can edit with another or more than one person to make a project. Has Gimkit ever made a feature where you can do that?

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If you go to the options icon and give other people permission. If they have the code Thayer can help you edit the map.

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Hey again, I don’t think so. You can’t share game codes or links on this so I would say no, but someone might have a way

oh yeah I think I have done that before thanks

Mine is if you are playing in person with someone else

Yes, just you can’t share the codes in the forum. But if you do it in a different way I’m sure that’s allowed. So collab in person is possible but your not allowed to ask people in the forums to j0in you. So yeah your right.

oh okay I get it thanks

I am new but thanks for telling me that.

wait can i get a straight yes or no?
can two+ people have unlimited access to the same map and both be able get in without the code

Unless you share an account (I dont know if you are allowed to though)

ok thank you.
i will try to share an account

I dont know/think you are allowed to. I would not suggest

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