Is it possible to detect when a player is hit by a gadget?

I know there is a “when player fires gadget” option, so is there a way to detect when a player is hit by a gadget?

In a zone I think @ire

zones can only disable gadget fire, I want to detect when a player is HIT by a gadget.

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What you could do is try to build around the information that you don’t have. Maybe only allow gadgets to fire when the player is in a certain zone, where the player is a fixed distance away? Also please don’t just summon me, the rules for thumbnail creators apply to everyone else as well!

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If only we got a damage detector device instead of the damage device…

Well, on second thoughts, we couldn’t do anything with the detector device if we don’t have a damage device.The only thing possible would be armor reduction system


You could also do complete psuedo-teaming.

I already have given each player a number

What is complete psuedo-teaming?

Where if your teammate hits you, you would be able to regenerate that health. I sort of came up with the term myself, but it might already have a meaning.

using the new devices, yes

None of the devices can tell when someone got hit, or who hit them.

using the damage device, yes you can

The damage device only applies damage, not detects damage.

this is kool, but a teammate could just quantum portal everyone

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True, but it could work in a big free-for-all. You could have people team if they are close to each other and chose to, and then you don’t have to respawn whenever you want to change your team.

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how does it work like that? please tell me.

It can’t detect damage, it only deals damage to players.

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i know, i just want to see how they tell me since they probably haven’t even tried it for themselves

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