Is it possible to create life steal via pseudo health? if so how would it be done?

so I’m taking a guess that this would require numbering each player using a property (based on the max amount of players in a game which is typically 5-10 or 50 I think) but what I’m having problems with is how would it detect which player it’s stealing pseudo health from?
and how would you go about creating a DOT over turns?
(asking because I’m having brainfarts and my brain is being absolutely useless)

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if it’s like detecting player hits then impossible

if it’s detecting how much damage something deals like turn based like in pokemon, probably with lots of properties and checks.

not detecting player hit but yes pseudo health turn attacks
also I needz mo specifics :slight_smile:

Instead of lifecycles, use broadcast channels from properties and blocks.


ok, so your gonnah ave to find out how much pseudo health damage they dealt.

lets say 10. good number.

make sure to round up if they are ever decimals, the hp.

take maybe 30% of how much damage they took then add that to the person who did damage. So in this case, the person who attacked will get 3 hp. don’t have specifics, but I see getrithekd typing, so he probably has something

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I’m planning on doing entirely on properties and blocks aside from decor so I’m not exactly doing when they dle they gain a life I’m doing it so its a multiplier based atk that steals 15% of the targets max health or heals from 30% of the dmg dealt


then for the 15% of targets max health

targets max health x 0.15

basic math, I think that works

so I would I use variables or properties to calculate the amount healed from the dmg?
like a dmg property?

variables dont carry over

I would do properties

yeah like a damage property

im not the best at technical block code, i know basic amounts, and ok amounts, but not this much lol.

Might want to ask the tech people for some help

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mk i’ll leave this open for a bit school’s bout to end but I still got a bit of time left

So, what is the thing that has the health? Is it a prop or something?

read this to understand it a bit better dragonite

I mean, it is possible to inflict something like poison damage once something is triggered, but if it is tracking hits, you can’t use real weapon like the PML or the Pickaxe.

Yep, you could have a player-scoped counter that attaches to a player-scoped property.
There would be a lifecycle that checks for player knocked out, it would decrement the counter and then use a checker to check for if the property is less than 1. If the check passes, use team switcher device to switch to spectator.
Then there would be a lifecycle device which checks for player knocks out, it would be wired to the counter to increment it.

Thats all. :slight_smile:

I’m doing it when dmg is dealt ._.

Just use pseudo heath to track their health. Maybe also use a counter, so that it decrements for their health, and keeps track of that property. Have a target for zero. This will be for when they get ko’ed. Now when it reaches 0, just decrement a ‘lives’ counter that keeps a different property for amount of lives. Then, just add one to the koer’s counter of lives. No block code needed.

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I understand how to do the lives thing I’ve done it b4 and it’s simple even with properties I’m just not doing it so when they dle they gain more health I’m doing it so they gain health based on the dmg dealt (turn based atks)
but if i’m being a fool again tell me I don’t mind a bit of correction

So they gain health when they deal damage?