Is it possible to create Guess Who?

I just wanted to know if it would be possible to create the “Guess Who?” (Board Game) In Gimkit.

Also if it is then I need permission from these people to use their names in my game



Pls say yes
The rest are in the replies because I can only mention 10 people :frowning:



what you mean guess who can you describe it

Its a board game

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OHH well you probably can

but it would be very hard. DO you know how the game works?

yeah of course I just forgot
you ask questions like “do they have glasses?”

you would probably need a randomizer
text boxes with the questions
with buttons that relate to it

yeah, I was gonna make it so that you need two people, so you have to add questions anyways but you have to make the things like letting them pick a person and knocking down options and winning. Now r]that I think about it, it wouldn’t be too hard but what about all the peoples permissions and making them be able to maneuver through a box that big and all of that

Yeah please do I’d love to play it

with that many things in it

annnddd umm there would be pictures of the people
and if its not them you could like hide it by pressing a button

OK tysm!

nvm I just thought of something to make the barriers not collidable

i even have a question prepared
Is your character humaniod?

yeah so you’d need some sort of randomizer
so you could look it up in the search bar bc I know nothing about it

tysm @Quimblo & @Trasch, also do I have permission to use you @Trasch (Im not using pictures, just emojis and textboxes)

I’m making it so they have to talk in person because they could just lie and cheat and say no or yes to something that isn’t

Yeah you can use me
but how would you guess?
like with pfps?
I might go afk bc the computer shuts down