Is it possible to create a wall that players can't go through, but weapons can? If so, how?

I am making a dodge ball arena. I want a wall, so players will stay on their side of the box. I did this with a barrier, but then I realized I can’t shoot through it… Can someone come up with any ideas? Make it look similar to this if possible:

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You can add a a laser in the middle that knocks out players when they walk through it because weapons can go through lasers.

and you can also use it for other gadgets not only blaster

Oh yay. thanks for correcting me @darks, I keep forgeting they’re called weapons (or something like that), not blaster. And welcome to the community.

You can also have a barrier that is inactive at the start of the game, has an activation scope of player, and is activated by a lifecycle set to game start wired to a relay that transmits on a channel that raises a barrier. This will work better [and is more memory efficient], but the current solution is fine.

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yea it is mostly wronged because of the new gamemode.thx

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