Is it possible to create a racing game?

Actually, I also want Josh to create a 2D racing game for Gimkit. I don’t know how, but it would be so fun to race my friends in Gimkit while also being educational.

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Yes, actually!
I think there is a guide for a timer somewhere.
You basically set the repeater to stop when you reach the finish line (By detecting when someone enters the zone)

what @Cameron_Sharer said lol

Okay. I might have a little trouble developing it, though…

Just reach out if you need help!

Ok, thank you! (adding more letters to pass the 20 word minimum)

np(20 word minimum am i right?)

but just incase lets consult discobot?

What sort of racing game? Just like… running around? Are you dreaming of something with…

  1. … a question mechanic? (answer questions to move like in official Gimkit tag, etc.)
  2. … a combat mechanic? (shoot at other players to knock them out/slow them down, etc.)
  3. … a maze mechanic? (multiple routes?)

Could be cool. Just wondering what you had in mind.

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Yes! (skaasvansvdkvndjvdnk)

You answer questions to get cash, then you use the cash to buy better car parts, you have 10 minutes, and then when time’s up, you race to the finish.

Was there anything specific that you needed help on?