Is it possible to create a area Capturing feature?

Like a system that allows players to claim areas and have like nations or factions?

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You could use a zone and a property maybe?

Also, welcome to the forums!

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Yes you have to use zones and you should probably look up a guide in the forums first by the way, welcome to the forums!

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but could you color the area so they can see it?

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yes there is a guide on it lemme find it

no, but you could make it say (Playername) owns this plot

You can use different colored barriers without collision for that.

Thanks, yea that’s what the others are suggesting I will try it

whatever I couldn’t find the guide but this is simple
zone connected to a timer system counting down and when it reaches its target it “captures” the zone and resets the timer and a trigger to check which team they are on to make it capture for the right team for more info ask @getrithekd I’m pretty sure he made a system like that

So how would players capture the territories?

they would need to stand in the state for a certain amount of time, if possible there could be a sort of “capital province” which controls them all

So how would others recapture the territory?


So a king of the hill type mechanic?

stand in the area for a certain amount of time