Is it possible to change the skin of the sentry besides the normal skin

I really need help on it for a project of mine

Click on the sentry. There’s a setting for sentry appearance on the featured tab

You could place barriers on top of the sentries to add some eyebrows or a mustache


If you want it to look like a custom gim, you can’t do that yet, or you can do what Haiasi said

Only other skin for the Sentry are the two Plants in One Way Out
(i misread it)

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Do you mean normal as in the robot skin? Because if you do you can go to all options and scroll down to appearances and change it to the robot or the plants from one way out.

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There is a glitch where you can lag out the skin of a sentry to make it look like a blue gim, but it’s not very consistent and I don’t believe there is a confirmed way to do it.

Unless you spend like 10 minutes using barriers and copying them to have a bunch of barrier hair and cloths. No

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