Is it possible to build on a phone?

Hey, I was wondering if it is possible to build Gimkit Creative on a phone. I tried but the screen wasn’t big enough to handle everything.

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It’s possible, but very buggy.

I remember somewhere that Josh made gimkit have slightly better performance on mobile. You can still build on a phone, but it’s not advised to. Gimkit might become more accessible for it though.

Oh yeah, I remember that post.

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i thought he meant how can you build a phone in gimkit creative

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then you might want to change the title, but yes, it is possible. Just ask one of our many art protoges for some help.

It is possible, but there are the risks that it would be very buggy.

I built everything I made on an iPad for awhile… it’s pure pain. Not worth the effort in my opinion.

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yes, it’s possible.
It’s difficult and time consuming. Stick to a computer if possible

Yes, it is possible, but it will be very finicky depending on the type of device you are using.

Yes, you can build, host, or play on a mobile device or a computer, but mobile is much smaller and harder to use, I would recomend useing or sticking to computer Creating.