Is it possible for sentries to do this?

So you want the player to be able to damage one sentry but not the other? If that’s so, the solution is simple: put a barrier on the friendly sentry like Hacker said.

yeah yeah, like that

so i have this setup:

  • the sentry that can’t attack is on the player’s/players’ team
  • the attacking sentry is not on the player’s/players’ team, but is the only one who can damage the sentry on the other team
  • the sentry on the other team cannot damage the attacker
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Um… I don’t think it’s possible, unless at some point Gimkiit Creative makes an update to take out a sentry’s weapon. With the new mining gamemode, there will probably be a function at some point to remove the sentry weapon. I think so because mayor Cole has no weapon. To find out when this happens, you can check out the Gimkit Creative Changelog.
This shows every update that Gimkit has made to Gimkit Creative. If you see a new one, you can read through it and hope that the update is an update that allows you to take away the sentry weapon.

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ok, but i’ll leave this open until friday to see if anyone has solutions to this


My brain isn’t braining…

I’m gonna step out of this help topic… hm… I don’t know…(maybe I will find one by Friday.)

the best solution is to make the sentry absolutely awful. bad aim, slow fire time, all that

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looks like one solution, but not quite what i’m looking for

i gtg in 1 minute, bye

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ill see what i can do to make something more efficent

you can make a wall the same color as the background terrain around the sentry

This is why sentry interactions are great. #bbsi for all your suggestion needs.

Or maybe they’re not needed.

Because we have a guide called Killable Sentries that Won’t Kill You! (by Here_to_help!)I can’t add a link cause it has the naught word ‘kill’ in it, so you’ll have to search it up @eiqcrmeliutgwhc.

and then add another sentry.

@mysz : D


The sentry has to be able to be attacked.

I agree with @THEHACKER120 about putting a barrier over the sentry. I use this in many of my maps, I usually make the barrier invisible.

Why don’t you guys search up the guide called ‘Killable Sentries that Won’t Kill You’ and use that as one of the sentries, and then a normal one for the other?

like i said before

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In the link, I just replaced k;ll with KO and it worked
Screenshot 2024-04-09 1.18.42 PM

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OHHH yeah, that should be good (@Gimkit101 get onto dod padlet)


he isn’t usually active after school hours

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dang, but i’ll keep note of that later. anyways, i think i found my solution



props to pi for thinking of that tho

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