Is it possible for Gimkit to make sentries without guns for Gimkit creative like they do in their regular game modes

If you know the answer please tell me

I dont think you can, but i know a way to make the sentries not fire.

Nope. Unless you awkwardly block the weapons with a barrier

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No, we used to, however josh removed Sentry Interactions.


Just make them on the same team as you and they won’t attack.

What were Sentry Interactions?

But make sure to make everyone on the same team unless you want a sentry to only attack some players.

who is Josh I’m new to Gimkit so I don’t really know

Your best way is covering it with a barrier, and to cover the gadget with a barrier that matches the background.

okay thank you that helps a lot but one more things what is everybody’s deal with having a long chat or going “off topic”.

Josh is the creator of gimkit
People dont like going off topic because it creates clutter and its not what the forums are meant to be used for.
Welcome to the Forums!
If you have any more questions just ask
Also remember to read the FAQ’s and stuff.

actually! maybe he should start taking ideas from people to change gimkit

also what are forums, and what do you do in it. And who even are you? A Gimkit creator, manager etc?.

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So forums is basically where you can ask for help on your gimkit maps, help others, put out guides on how to make systems, builds, ect.
Kind of like a big help place for Gi

Im Sythic, I create my own games in GKC, I am known by like 2 people on here.
Im very very very very very very far from being a manager or an admin or anything.
Im just here cause I do my school to fast and want to help people/not be bored.
If you click on my profile picture and then the bigger profile picture you can read my highly uninformative bio :+1:

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He does.

That’s why gimkitnoit is a thing.

what’s dat Gimkitnoit?

basically you can suggest things and if enough people upvote it the gimkit devs will take the idea into consideration

@trust_level_3 I’m just curious who is in it, don’t mind this

how do I enter this gimkitnoit

You could google it but here is the link
Gimkit Feedback (

I already made two posts and replied to a couple of people’s coments