Is it possable to make a clue game?

I am needing to finish a map where you need to find a prop to end the game. I have 6 clues and I am wondering when you find the first clue how you make the second clue spawn. And due that for every clue and when the last clue is found the prop will spawn and when it is found the game will end. Is this even possable to do?

Have a property named “cluesfound”. When you find the first clue, set cluesfound to +1 and broadcast afterfind(cluesfound). This will make the next prop appear. To exit, the cluesfound should be set to how many clues there were.

Ok and what about the prop?

Button that updates it. Make props appear and dissapear. GTG, help later.

Ok thanks for your time.

I’m back. What do you still need help with?

So when the prop gets found it will end the game, its the same prop that will spawn wheen the 6 clues are found.

Easy. Have 7 props. They are hidden and shown accordingly. Shouldn’t be that hard.

Alright, I’ll do that.

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