Is it off-topic to make a list of most played maps?

I was interested in making a list of the most played maps but I’m pretty sure that would be considered off topic. (Also is this off-topic? Should I have put a tag for off-topic?)

This forum is making things like mechanics and art, so it would probably be considered off topic because the discovery is out of GC.


The off-topic tag is not an excuse to post off-topic thinfs.
It’s only for alerting the mods.

Also, you won’t be able to know what map has the most plays unless you ask blueboat (blackhole), probably.

Ok thanks


Ok thank you for letting me know!

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Do you know somewhere where I could make a list? (easily. Not make like my own whole webpage)

I think you could do it on the wix or discord? idk. you could also make a padlet(free) annd put it in your bio

i use google slides like notes. you could use that.

but wait discovery is in the creative tab :open_mouth:

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