Is it even remotely possible to earn XP in Creative?

Read the title. Answer the question.

I don’t think so yet, they might add it

You can only earn XP from answering questions through a questioner.
(Make sure only one answer is correct)


You can only get XP in Gimkit Creative by answering questions, so I suggest you play a real gamemode. There is also a bug that came out with the update that made users only get XP sometimes. :+1:

I spend a lot of time on it and I think that they should add it.

Does that work in Creative? Also, they allow to have kits with only correct answers…

yes but you will not get any xp from it unless you have at least 1 wrong answer

Yes, but you get energy which you can buy upgrades for, where you get +200 XP.

That’s only in Tag Domination, not in Gimkit Creative.

thats in tag domination only

Yeah, I grind my XP in tag!


lets get back on-topic tho

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If they had XP in Creatie, that would be like frosting on a cake, the best thing ever, making Gimkit so addicting, I won’t sleep, LOL.

Yeah it would,anyways do you have your answer? if so mark a solution please!]

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