Is is possible to make Noisemaker from Among Us?

I am making an Among Us game and I made Crewmate, Imposter, and Engineer. Is there any way to make a noisemaker?

yes, this is possible. Just make sure the noisemaker is always on the same team. Then have a relay for that team increment a counter on game start. Make the counter update a property and have a player count scope. Get a property device and make sure it’s the same as the one being updated in the counter. The property should be a number property with a default of 0, and is player scoped. Get another lifecycle for when player knocked out. Attach it (wires or channels) to a checker. Make the checker check to see if the property is greater than 0. Then attach the checker to a notification that says that the noisemaker has been eliminated by an impostor. Get a waypoint that tracks a player. When the impostor(s) presses the overlay k!ll button, trigger a relay for the team the noisemaker is on. Then, activate the waypoint so it starts tracking.


Refresh my memory, but I thought the noisemaker is the player that emits a sound upon death? Furthermore, I believe that when you activate a damage boost, it makes a sound. So you can just make it so when a player is knocked out or tagged, check if they were a noisemaker, and if so, send a signal to a relay to all players, which will activate a damage boost globally. This will make a sound effect. Then immediately afterwards, deactivate the damage boost.


Noisemaker shows where they diied (exactly like a waypoint) upon deeath.

Oh ok thanks for correcting me.

So, an arrow to show where the person diied?

with a basic understanding, prob all you need is a coordinate device, lifecycle listening for player eliminated, and a waypoint with block code.

You should do all of that they said but make sure to put down a counter that limits how long the waypoint stays up.

Waypoints dont have block code :skull:

The tag system acts like a lifecycle.
You can wire the tag system to a player coordinates device or a waypoint.
When player tags>>>>???
I don’t know how to use the player coordinates device, though.

oh, you’re using a tagging device. That would’ve been helpful lol.
Anyways, a coordinate device is not needed. Way too much memory.